About CCBR

Emerging from decades of engaged research in urban and suburban communities and schools throughout the United States, The Center for Communally Bonded Research, CCBR officially launched in 2021. The Center is led by its founder, Dr. Jerome E. Morris, and a collaborative team of established scholars and emerging researchers carry out its mission and goals.


The CCBR’s Mission is to enhance the experiences of historically marginalized groups by looking beyond individuals and institutions to focus on improving the larger ecosystem of individuals and groups’ experiences. Our mission includes addressing the most pressing educational, health, economic, social, and policy challenges facing historically marginalized groups by facilitating and promoting community-engaged and informed research and policies.


Through our focus on communities, families, students, educational institutions, and community-based organizations, our goals include the following:

  • Lead and support interdisciplinary research
  • Engage communities, families, and youth as active members of and direct beneficiaries of research opportunities
  • Connect research to practice
  • Support early career scholars through mentoring and training
  • Provide resources to support promising research ideas
  • Disseminate scholarship and research-informed policy statements to multiple groups