Deaconess project

In 2021, a multidisciplinary team of researchers, led by Dr. Jerome E. Morris, received a grant from the Deaconess Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri. The project is entitled, “Empowering Black Families, Youth, and Community-Based Organizations: Advocating and Telling Their Stories Since COVID-19,” Dr. Sha-Lai Williams (Social Work) and Dr. Wilma Calvert (Nursing) serve as Co-PIs.

We center urban Black families, and youth’s lived experiences and prepare them to research their experiences amid COVID-19. Our team will engage in community-based participatory research with participants affiliated with two St. Louis community-based organizations (CBOs), Good Journey Development Foundation, and Southeast Ferguson Community Association.

Project Description–This community-based participatory research project promotes equitable social outcomes that help children grow into successful adults by:

  1. Strengthening research capacity, networks, and alliances with community-based organizations (CBOs).
  2. Supporting CBOs as child-service providers and advocates.
  3. Equipping youth and child advocates with resources to “move systems” and support children’s equitable social outcomes.
  4. Connecting CBO leaders with a network of change agent organizations.